Privacy policy undertakes to assign with the premium property services. Thus, have drawn out a privacy statement with respect to the details and information gathers from you.

What are the necessary details you need to submit to use this site?

We collect data from individuals and visitors who apply through the offers of our site for the different services. It integrates, be that as it may, may not be limited to, first name, last name, a client indicated secret key, fax number, email address, postal district, street number or phone number. Property Broker collects extra data about the property.

How the collected data uses through the ensures the clients that the our site is suitable to fulfill your requirements and to deliver the customized experience through the collected information of the clients.

With whom site shares the collected information? is an online portal which does not sell, loan or rent any recognizable data at the individual level considering its clients or customers to any 3rd party.

The collected information are shared only with their approval to the organizations or individuals. Any details or information we collect is held with the security and let out unless you want it. We are required by legal process to give information about a client and we are also bound to coordinate with each other in any situation arise.

Users can contact to the builders agents or others?

If any individual/ agents or brokers has provided their contact information then, a user or a customer can easily contact them.


If you have any query regarding our Privacy Statement then, you can go, visit and write into We may change our Privacy Statement for the meantime based on as an outcome of changes of our company policy or on your comments.

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