Simple Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

Apartment living can be exciting, and fun. If it’syour first or you twentieth, apartment dwellers enjoy the freedom of mobility,and living with roommates and friends. While others don’t enjoy living in anapartment because they feel like they are restricted and tied into theappearance of an apartment.  Before you get too upset, check with yourlandlord or apartment management company to find out what the decoratingguidelines are for your place.  Once you know, follow these tips on how tomake your lifeless apartment feel like home.

ANALYZE: Take alook at your apartment room by room, and analyze its good and bad points. Makea list of what areas you’d like to accentuate and what areas you want tominimize.  If you don’t have any windows in a room, note that you want tobring light colors, and more lighting into the space. If you love the view outof the living room, note that you want the couch to face in thatdirection.  Analyzing the space will give you a plan to move forward inmaking the space your own. 

BUDGET: Determinehow much you have to spend! It’s easy to say you only need a few items, andthen 3 stores later you are $500.00 over budget. Have a small budget? Buy keyitems that will go a long way. Area rugs, window treatments, bedding, andtowels are all items that are relatively inexpensive, but can add color andwarmth to your apartment immediately. If you have a larger budget, purchasefurniture pieces that are necessities first. A bed, sofa, and dining roomtable/chairs may be important for entertaining.

COLOR: Oftentimes, your landlord will let you paint because it’s not interfering with thestructural integrity of the apartment. Painting is the easiest, cheapest, and fastestway to change the mood and décor in a space.  Be creative withcoordinating colors throughout your apartment. For smaller apartments, uselighter colors, especially if there are minimal windows.  Management said‘No’, to painting the walls? Consider using fabric hung with nails, and roomdivider screens to bring color, personality and definition to your apartment.

PERSONAL TOUCHES: Have youever heard the saying, “Home is where you lay your hat?”  It means yourhome is wherever you call home. Display pictures, memorabilia, and personalitems from your previous home in your new apartment. Frame collectibles andsentimental items in decorative frames, and shadow boxes to make you feelcomfortable. Bring items from your last loved home into your new apartment.

Your apartment is only a few details away frommaking it look and feel like home.

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