Landlord Always Hide the Facts That Matters A Lot for the Tenants of Abu Dhabi

Lots of hidden facts are there you should know before signing the tenant contract. Tenants of Abu Dhabi need to read the terms and condition of contact carefully before signing it. Because lots of things which don’t get included in contact but matters a lot for Abu Dhabi’s tenants. suggests you to ask the following questions to your landlord before signing the contact.

Always ask community facility charges you need to pay

Always ask for the community facility charges have been paid by the landlord and other charges or bill he need to pay him. Because in most of the cases landlord forgets to pay community facility charges and tenant always suffer with those unpaid bills. If these bills are not paid by the landlord you are able to enjoy the facilities of community.

Always ask about your neighbors’

Privacy matters a lot, so always ask about your neighbor if you’re thinking for your new home. Gather all the information about your neighbor like their occupation, their family structure and their behavior in community. Because your neighbor might have some dogs or they are loud music lover may be you don’t like that. So just keep these things before signing the tenant contract.

Always ask for building maintenance

Before signing tenant contract you need ask about maintenance of building or the apartment you are going to move. It might be happen that the apartment will not be in the good conditionand you need to pay all the maintenance charges for that.

Always ask selling plans of property

Despite the fact that the law gives the landowner/proprietor every one of the rights to offer the property while an inhabitant is leasing it, and change of possession doesn't influence the occupant's rights to involve the unit, having conceivable purchasers always wanting viewings can soon turn out to be extremely irritating and repulsive. Inquire as to whether he wants to offer the property to at any rate recognize what's in store.

Visit for the verified Abu Dhabi property for rent from verified landlord/owner/broker where you do not need to ask such questions before signing the tenant contract.

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