Marina Sunset Bay

Marina Sunset Bay - Overview

Marina Sunset Bay a center point of new elite manors is adjacent to the cities most mainstream shopping center, Marina and a couple of minutes from the downtown area. It has unhampered view of the sunset and will be sea facing. Region of the venture makes it extraordinarily engaging.

There will be three sorts of villas, organized by progressive system of size. The biggest villas will have 7 room taken after by 6 and 5-room villas. The 7 room villas will be constructed by the waterfront.

The villas will be uncommon for their straight forwardness and hold fast to contemporary Gulf Design. The result will be a sort of building design that is unmistakable, solid and unceasing. Marina Sunset Bay will involve 67 rich villas.

The residences will be arranged in a way that is environment neighborly, yet get the most out of the pleasant area and broad waterfront. A watchful configuration methodology is being sought after so as to guarantee every one of the three development stages are isolated by a stature of 2.5m between each of them. This will give an unhindered sea view to each villa.

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