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Ascending as a part of the quickly evolving Abu Dhabi skyline, The Kite Residences by Aabar Properties speaks to Associate in Nursing energizing new growth to Reem Island\\\\\\\'s design scene. The towers front is etched to mirror the changing edges of the sun for the duration of the day and guarantees a continuously advancing stylish advance

The kite tower of Aabar properties offers a lifestyle of remarkable quality with amazing views, rich amenities and astutely composed 2 and 3 room apartment add to a selective constrained edition 4 bedroom room apartment and penthouses.

Rising as part of the rapidly evolving Abu Dhabi skyline, The Kite Residences by Aabar Properties represents an exciting new addition to Reem Island�s architectural landscape. The towers facade is sculpted to reflect the varying angles of the sun throughout the day and promises a constantly evolving aesthetic appeal.

Sweeping vistas encompassing lush mangroves, tranquil seas and iconic urban landmarks are coupled with luxurious amenities including beautifully landscaped gardens, swimming pool and fitness centre.

The Kite Residences offers a lifestyle of exceptional quality with primarily a mix of thoughtfully designed 2 and 3 bedroom apartments complemented by exclusive limited addition 4 bedroom apartment and penthouse.

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