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  • Burooj Views Tower Location Map Abu Dhabi
  • Burooj Views, Al Reem Island is situated close to the northern shores of Abu Dhabi being just 500 meters far from the clamoring downtown. It is likewise joined with Dubai through the main Abu Dhabi dubai Highway.
  • Al Reem Island will include residential, commercial and business Development, turning the island into a luxurious city within a city.
  • The development will be connected to the Abu Dhabi City Island by 2 or 3 bridges and be located 20 minutes from the Abu Dhabi International Airport.
  • Its closeness to Abu Dhabi city (only 500 m away from downtown)
  • The distinctive fact that it is developed on a natural island making it an eco-friendly development.
  • Complete city in its own right would residential, commercial and business districts, complemented with full commune facilities.
  • The construction and infrastructure are of the highest quality.
  • The islands modern city offers splendid 360 degree sea view.
  • The official stamp of Abu Dhabi government will be carried on the purchase contract.

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