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Al Zeina - Overview

Al Zeina group gives 500 meters of premium beachfront, state-of-the-art gyms, library, unwinding ranges and meeting regions.

Waterside restaurants, in the open air coffee house and outside feasting territories are likewise manufactured for best environment.

Retail high-road shopping territory is for those looking towards a contented life. 24-hour gated security secures the group, kept an eye on security is additionally given, video reconnaissance section security upgrades the security and carports stay secure with access control boards.

Footpaths and yards cleared in stone and timber with incorporated delicate planting and scene garden patios, swimming pools and dive pools to private habitations, Glass ways to yards, twofold coating with glazing protection to windows and entryway.

Al Zeina in Al Raha Beach is the home for individuals who need to escape from the occupied way of life of the terrain city.

It is outlined with open squares and falling water running inside of patio nurseries, guaranteeing a quiet life amongst nature.And upgrading the earth considerably promote, a retail high road, coffeehouses, restaurants and grocery stores are set in Al Zeina for the accommodation of the residents Along Abu Dhabi's protected coastline, islands are formed by deltas and trenches, mismatched by extensions.

Eleven regions rise inside of one waterfront advancement, each with their own particular unmistakable identities and request. Some element calm family villas tree-lined neighborhoods on the water. Some are more dynamic up business sector flats in energetic locale with universal and boutique retailing, innovative quarters with displays and execution spaces.

A dynamic focal business region penetrates the horizon. Office towers are revolved around a great round marina, area for the new World Trade Center building. Home to 120,000 inhabitants getting a charge out of pleasant perspectives over the water, Al Raha Beach extends more than 10km of element living: that is the separation from the southern tip of Manhattan to Central Park in New York, or from Regent's Park to the Millennium Dome in London.

Restaurants and cafes charge vistas of pleasant marinas. Occupants have the perfect chance to appreciate a wide range of marine games and exercises. Ample inns, different in style, permit guests an essence of this new point of view toward waterfront life, to investigate its attractions, to journey the narrows.

Al Raha Beach, the new door to Abu Dhabi, is brought about by the finest pro engineers and engineers on the planet, making a group where transport, security and personal satisfaction are basic to the configuration

Foundation is intended to straightforwardness openness, consolidating a few sorts of transport to smooth out travel necessities, every interconnecting with the others at the vehicle center points. Movement and people on foot stream unreservedly all through the city, while driving to downtown Abu Dhabi or Dubai is made simple.

A focal tree-lined road crosses islands edged with waterfront promenades. Short separations are a joy to walk. Reward a walk around the region with a chilly drink at a waterside cafe. Light rail gives quick mass travel all through the advancement, alongside the quick 'stream feline' sailboat and ships zooming between quaysides.

Water taxis are sufficiently adaptable to serve all parts of Abu Dhabi Island and transport center points, making associations with the universal airplane terminal simple. Take the ship to the workplace, island-bounce to visit companions in areas along the shore.

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