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Al Gurm Resort, settling among the mangrove timberlands of Abu Dhabi is a remarkable residential and tourist destination. Standingadvisedly on the edges of the sapphire waters of the Gulf in the midst of the Mangrove backwoods. Al Gurm Resort contains 59 private extravagance homes and a 161 suite 5 Star resort. By making a spot that add on instead of rules this serene scene, ALDAR has not pursue to match nature, but rather to guarantee that Al Gurm Resort gives the ideal setting to you to see it at its generally charming. Al Gurm Resort and Spa is a private collective in Abu Dhabi with a distinction! Situated on the Coastal Road on the western edge of Abu Dhabi Island, this is a select tropical island retreat on 1.8 million sq/m of regular mangrove hold.

Interlinked by disguised streets the Al Gurm Resort community is overseen and worked by the various recompense winning Banyan Tree Group. The enclave is home to more than 60 species of rare birds and aquatic flora. Al Gurm contains 161-room global extravagance hotel, and in addition 59 selective villas. Its point of convergence is the 71 private suites around a tidal pond and 90 elite island chalets. In keeping to a 'wildlife first' approach, the Al Gurm Resort and Spa feature low-ascent convenience just so that neither wildlife nor natural flora are disturbed. It additionally incorporates world class wellbeing and wellness club, spa and various head boutiques. At the resort, the extravagance villas are in an assortment of styles that mix easily into their normal living space and quiet setting. All have their own particular private pools, pontoon breakwaters and some, even private shorelines. Nine of them will be arranged all alone private islands.

Transportation among the villas is promoted by a progression of footpaths and water borne transport. The 5-Star Al Gurm Resort has 161 private suites comprising of:71 Mangrove suites, 25 Deluxe suites, 45 Lagoon suites, 12 Island suites, 7 extravagance spa suites, 1 Owners' suite, 3 world class restaurants, Lounge Bar, Multiple swimming pools, Extensive games offices, Pedestrian walkways, Business center and meeting rooms, Retail offices, Sports center, Exclusive spa focus. Private Wing: 72 extravagance homes comprising of:5 Three room villas, 33 Four rooms estates, 22 Five rooms estates, 12 Five room villas on private island, Open terrace/galleries, Private shoreline, rec center and sauna select to 5 room Island estates, Swimming pools, Private wharf, Landscaping, 3 auto carport and guest auto stopping, Accommodation for 4 household specialists, Formal majlis, Family ranges, Offices.

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